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(Note |

1. (Note:
Many ESD flooring manufacturers will recommend electrical resistance measurements as high as 1.0 x 109, (1 Billion ohms or "One Thousand Meg"). However, Julie Industries feels that the gap between 100 million ohms to a 1 billion ohms is too large, (900 million ohms), of a jump in electrical resistance. If the material's electrical resistance happens to deteriorate over time, beginning at 1.0 x 109, it may not provide adequate ESD protection over a long period of time.)

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25,00_Ohms |

2. 25,00 Ohms:-This is represented by the scientific notation 2.5 x 104, or 2.5 x 10,000 ohms. This is the lowest end of the conductivity range. Anything lower than this range is considered an electrical shock hazard.

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AATCC_134 | Above_Grade_Flooring | ANSI/ESD_S20.20-1999 | Antistatic_Bi-component | Antistatic_Carpet | Auxiliary_ground | Axminster_carpet | Axminster_Carpet | Axminster_Carpet |

3. AATCC 134
Definition:(American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorist), Electrostatic propensity of carpets test methodology measures the floors tendency to generate a charge. Simply stated, it measures the amount of static generated by a Neolyte shoe sole stepping on a carpet surface in a controlled room environment at 72 degrees Fahrenheit and 20% R.H.

4. Above Grade Flooring:
A floor that is raised above the ground, leaving at least 18 inches of well ventilated space.

5. ANSI/ESD S20.20-1999:
Protection of Electrical and Electronic Parts, Assemblies and Equipment (Excluding Electrically Initiated Explosive Devices covers the requirements necessary to design, establish, implement, and maintain an ESD control program to protect electrical or electronic parts, assemblies and equipment susceptible to ESD damage from Human Body Model (HBM) discharges greater than or equal to 100 volts.

6. Antistatic Bi-component:-a type of yarn commonly found in most commercial and household carpets. The term bi-component refers to the co-extrusion of two materials within the same yarn strand. The internal cross-section of the yarn contains carbon while the surrounding fibers are composed of standard insulative nylon. The bi-component yarn provides an overall reduction in static generation—not a path to ground. Because the outer nylon insulates the internal conductive element, bi-component yarns do not discharge or conduct static electricity. Bi-component yarns cannot be grounded and are not suitable for static control in areas where computers are used.

7. Antistatic Carpet-The term antistatic refers to a condition where static generation is inhibited during contact and separation with a different material. In general, antistatic carpet is any carpet product that will generate less static electricity than standard carpet. Antistatic carpet is not conductive and it is not possible to ground anti-static carpet. Antistatic carpet usually contains bi-component yarns. The reason for specifying antistatic carpet is to establish a space that will be free of static shocks, or zaps. Most new antistatic carpet will prevent shocks as long as the relative humidity (RH) is above 25%. Anti-static carpet should NOT be confused with conductive or ESD carpet. Antistatic is not a permanent property.

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Backing | Barrier_strip | Base_Shoe | Baseboard | Below_Grade_Flooring | Berber_Carpet | Berber_Carpet | Berber_carpet | Binding | Binding | Binding | Bloom | Board_Foot | Body_Contacting_Mechanism_(BCM) | Border_Tiles | Bow | Broadloom | Brocade | Bullnose_Trim | Burl |

12. Backing:Fabric or yarns that form the underside or back of a carpet.

13. Barrier strip:
A device or apparatus that consists of a metal strip and connectors or screws that allow termination and connection of wires or conductors from various components of an electrostatic discharge protected workstation.

14. Base Shoe:
Molding used to hide irregularities or spaces along the bottom edges of baseboards.

15. Baseboard
Definition:Boards placed along the bottom of walls to conceal the place the floor and wall meet.

16. Below Grade Flooring
This is when a floor is either in direct contact with the ground or when it is within 18 inches.

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Carpet | Carpet | Carpet_backing | Carpet_Backing | Carpet_Cushion | Carpet_cushion | Carpet_pile | Carpet_Pile | Carpet_squares | Carpet_Squares | Carpet_Squares | Carpet_Underlay | Ceramic_Tile | Ceramic_Tile | Ceramic_tile | Charge_Decay | Color_Shade_Variation | Common_Point_Ground | Computer_Grade_Carpet | Conductive | Conductive_Fibers | Conductive_Flooring | Conductive_Material | Conductive_Tile | Conductivity | Conductor | Cork_flooring | Cork_Flooring | Corner_Trim | Countersink | Crowning | Cupping | Current_Limiting_Resistance | Cut_and_loop_carpet | Cut_and_Loop_Carpet | Cut_and_Loop_Carpet | Cut_Pile | Cut_pile |

32. Carpet:-The general designation for the textiles used as floor coverings.

33. Carpet:Any fabric or textile floor covering..

34. Carpet backing
The textile back of the carpet as opposed to the carpet pile front or face. Tufted carpets have two backings. The first is a primary backing into which the yarn is inserted. The secondary backing is laminated to the back of the carpet for reinforcement and to neutralize stretching.

35. Carpet Backing:-Fabrics or yarns forming the back of the carpet as opposed to the carpet pile or face. In tufted carpets, there are two backings

36. Carpet Cushion
A variety of materials placed under carpet to provide softness and longer wear when it is walked on. In some cases, the carpet cushion is attached to the carpet when it is manufactured. Terms also used

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Decay_time | Decor_Layer | Dense_Networked_Office | Dhurrie | Dhurrie | Dhurrie | Dielectric | Dielectric_strength | Dimensional_Stability | Discharge_Time | Dissipative_Tile | Distressed | Drum_Sander |

70. Decay time:-The time required for an electrostatic potential to be reduced to a given percentage (usually 10%) of its initial value. (See Static Decay Test.)

71. Decor Layer
The top finish layer of a laminate floating floor, adhered to an HDF core. The decor surface is a photographic reproduction of a real-wood surface or ceramic tile. The decor layer is covered with a top layer made of aluminum oxide.

72. Dense Networked Office
Definition:Area within a building that uses LAN based networks in 8' x 8' furniture cubicles, or less.

73. Dhurrie-Flat woven rugs or carpets made from cotton or silk. Traditional to India, they have soft colorations and varied patterns.

74. Dhurrie:-Dhurrie rugs and carpets flat woven items traditional to India, made of cotton or silk. They are noted for soft colorations and varied patterns.

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Eased_Edge | Edge_Sander | Electrical_Resistance | Electrification_time | Electrostatic_discharge_(ESD) | Electrostatic_Discharge_Ground | Electrostatic_Discharge_Sensitivity_(ESDS) | EMI | End_Joint | Engineered_Floating_Floor | EOS/ESD_Association | ESD | ESD_Carpet_Tile | ESD_Event_(a_static_discharge_or_spark) | ESD_Floors | ESD_protective | ESD_S_7.1 | ESDS | Excessively_Porous_Subfloor | Expansion_Gap |

83. Eased Edge:-The beveled edge of strip flooring where the bevel is done at approximately 45 degrees.

84. Edge Sander
Definition:A hand-held power sander used to sand corners missed by the drum sander.

85. Electrical Resistance:
The measure of a material's ability to conduct a charge to ground.

86. Electrification time:
The time for the resistance measuring instrument to stabilize at the value of the upper resistance range verification fixture.

87. Electrostatic discharge (ESD):The rapid, spontaneous transfer of electrostatic charge induced by a high electrostatic field. Note

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Fiberboard | Filler_(or_Fill) | Finish | Flat_Finish | Floating_Floor | Floating_Reducer | Floating_Stair_Nose | Floor_Contacting_Surface_(FCS) | Floor_Joists | Floor_Tile | Flooring/Foot_Grounder_System_Resistance | Floorologist | Foam_Underlayment | Foot_Grounder | Foot_Grounder_System_Resistance | Frieze | Frieze | Frieze |

103. Fiberboard:-A generic term for sheet materials.

104. Filler (or Fill):Wood putty used to patch holes or pores in wood.

105. Finish
The urethane or wax coating used on flooring.

106. Flat Finish:A non-reflective finish.

107. Floating Floor
A floor system that can be placed on top of an existing floor (and does not need to be nailed down.) Tiles or boards are glued together rather than directly to the sub floor or floor.

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Glazed_Tile | Glazed_Tile | Glazed_tile | Gloss_Levels | Glueless_Floating_Floor | Grain | Ground | Ground_Lead | Ground_Strap | Groundable_Point_ESD_Protective_Floor_Material | Grounded_Floor | Grounding_Resistance |

121. Glazed Tile
Definition:Clay shaped into tiles, fire-hardened, then covered with a matte or glossy glaze or sealant to make the tiles more resilient to moisture.

122. Glazed Tile:-Ceramic tile with a liquid-glass finish. This also protects tile from stains and moisture.

123. Glazed tile:Fired clay tiles that are then coated with a matte or glossy sealant. Glazed tiles absorb less moisture.

124. Gloss Levels:Refers to the various sheens, from the non-reflective to the highly reflective

125. Glueless Floating Floor
Any engineered floor that fastens in place without nails or glue over an existing floor or subfloor.

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Hard_Ground | Hardtwist | Hardwood | HBM_ESD_Tester | High_Low | High_Low | High-Density_Fibreboard_(HDF) | Hightwist | Hooked_rug | Hooked_Rug | Hooked_Rug | Human_Body_Model | Human_Body_Model_Electrostatic_Discharge | Human_Body_Model_Electrostatic_Discharge_Tester | Human_Body_Model_ESD | Human_Sensitivity |

133. Hard Ground
Definition:A connection to ground through a wire or other conductor that has very little or nearly no resistance (impedance) to ground.

134. Hardtwist
Definition:rough nubbed finish that is achieved by "supertwisting" the individual yarn loops. Also called friese, twistpile or hightwist.

135. Hardwood-Any wood made from deciduous trees (as opposed to conifers or softwoods.) The term has nothing to do with the hardness of wood.

136. HBM ESD Tester
The human body model electrostatic discharge tester.

137. High Low:-Multilevel carpets with high and low loop pile areas or high cut-pile and low loop areas. The latter is also called a cut and loop carpet.

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Impedance | Indoor/Outdoor_Carpet | Indoor/Outdoor_carpet | Initial_Test_Voltage | Installed_Cost | Insulative | Insulative_Material | Insulator |

149. Impedance-The total opposition (i.e., resistance or reactance) a circuit offers to the flow of alternating current. It is measured in ohms and the lower the ohmic value, the better the quality of the conductor.

150. Indoor/Outdoor Carpet
Definition:Carpet designed to be used outdoors.

151. Indoor/Outdoor carpet
Carpet made of super-resilient fibers (example

152. Initial Test Voltage:The voltage on the test plate of the periodic verification instrument at which the discharge time test begins.

153. Installed Cost:-The actual cost for materials and labor that also includes floor preparation, shutdown or loss of use of space, removal of old flooring and any procedures such as initial required cleaning, vapor test or vapor barrier applications.

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Jointed_Flooring |

157. Jointed Flooring:
A type of strip floor manufactured with square edges that are end matched. Used for high traffic floors where replacement of strips are often needed.

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Kelim_(also_Kilim) | Kilim_or_Kelim | Kilim_or_Kelim | Knot | kV |

158. Kelim (also Kilim)-A woven, flat, often reversible rug.

159. Kilim or Kelim:
A flat-woven carpet or rug originally made in Persia (Iran).

160. Kilim or Kelim-A flat woven rug - usually reversible.

161. Knot:-The part of wood where a branch or limb grew.

162. kV
Definition:A measurement of electrical voltage. The measurement stands for kilovolts or thousand of volts. Currently, the floor covering industry measures the static propensity of products by using a kV measurement.

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Laminate | Laminate | Laminate_flooring | Laminate_Flooring | LAN | Level_Loop | Level_loop_carpet | Linoleum | Linoleum | Linoleum | Locking_Installation_System | Loop_Pile_Carpet | Low_kV |

163. Laminate:-A thin layer of plastic or wood glued to an inner core. Laminate backing refers to a coating fused to the back of a floor to keep it from warping.

164. Laminate
A hard-surface floorcovering made with a melamine-impregnated decor layer with an aluminum oxide finish layer, and a HDF core on top of a melamine backing layer. Laminate floors have a high-resolution photo of wood on the top layer whereas engineered wood floors have a top layer of real wood.

165. Laminate flooring
Definition:Dense fiberboard core with a paper pattern layer sealed under high pressure with a plastic-like substance. Sold as planks and panels in which the paper layer depicts a natural flooring such as wood or stone.

166. Laminate Flooring
Definition:Relatively new to North America, laminates have a dense fiberboard core with a paper pattern layer sealed under high pressure both top and bottom with a plastic-like substance. Sold as planks and panels in wood, stone, tile and other looks.

167. LAN:
An acronym for Local Area Network.

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Marble | Marble | Marble_Floors_/_Tiles | Mission_Critical | Mosaic_Tile | Mosaic_Tile | Multi-level_Loop_carpet |

176. Marble:
Limestone flooring known for its elegant appearance created by polishing its very hard surface. Now available in tiles.

177. Marble:
Elegant polished stone flooring usually sold as tiles. Marble is "floated" in a cement underlayment to form a smooth glossy surface.

178. Marble Floors / Tiles:-Flooring made from polished limestone.

179. Mission Critical:Literally, any operation that cannot tolerate intervention, compromise or shutdown during the performance of its critical function. Mission critical environments usually support health, safety, security and human welfare. These environments also monitor, store, support and communicate data that cannot be lost or corrupted without compromising their core function. Since all computer and communications systems are highly sensitive to static electricity, static events pose an internal threat to mission-critical operations, such as flight control towers, energy management operations, 911 centers, command centers, dispatch, control rooms, data storage centers, hospitals, stock exchanges, laboratories, university research facilities, computer rooms—any space where the loss or corruption of data cannot be tolerated. Conductive flooring is a mandatory element in mission critical environments, because it prevents and discharges static electricity before it becomes a problem.

180. Mosaic Tile
Definition:Small ceramic tile - hard porcelain or glass, glazed or unglazed - mounted on a backing for ease of installation. Often mosaic tiles are used to create designs for walls and floors.

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NFPA_99 |

183. NFPA 99
(National Fire Prevention Agency section 99), the NFPA-99 provides a test methodology for measuring the conductivity of flooring and other surfaces. This test was originally designed in the 1960's for use in hospital operating rooms that used explosive gases for anesthesia. Operating room surfaces were required to be conductive so that static fields would be safely discharged to ground instead of dangerously discharged as a spark that could ignite an explosion

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One_Hundred_Megohms | One_Megohm | Oriental_rug | Oriental_Rug | Outdoor_carpet | Outdoor_Carpet |

184. One Hundred Megohms-"One Hundred Meg" equals one hundred million ohms or 1.0 x 108. The exponent, 8, refers to eight zeros after the 1. Julie Industries recommends this electrical resistance measurement as the maximum acceptable level for an ESD carpet specification.

185. One Megohm:-"One Meg" equals 1 million ohms or 1.0 x 106. The exponent, 6, refers to the number of zeros after the 1. This measure is generally considered the maximum electrical resistance level for a conductive flooring specification.

186. Oriental rug:
Hand-woven or hand knotted rugs traditionally made in the Middle or Far East. Generally, the more knots per square inch the more precious the carpet.

187. Oriental Rug:Handwoven or hand knotted rugs native to the Middle or Far East available in many patterns and known for their colorations. Many machine-made rugs, made using Oriental rug designs, are also referred to as Oriental rugs.

188. Outdoor carpet:-Polypropylene carpet for use outdoors on patios, walks and decks. Outdoor carpet is durable and able to withstand the harsh effects of weather. Also known as indoor/outdoor carpet.

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Parquet_Flooring | Parquet_floors | Parquet_Floors | Particleboard | Patching_Compound | Path_to_Ground | Paver_Tile | Personnel_Grounding_Device | Pickled_Floors | Pickled_Floors | Pickled_floors | Pile | Pile | Pile | Pilot_Hole | Pith | Plank | Plank_flooring | Plank_Flooring | Plus_Carpet | Plush_Carpet | Plush_carpet | Plywood | Point-To-Point_Resistance | Polished_Tile | Polyethylene_Film | Porcelain_Enamel_Institute_(PEI)_Rating | Porcelain_Tile | Prefinished_Floor | Printed_Carpet | Printed_carpet | Pull_Bar |

190. Parquet Flooring:-Woodwork floors set in geometric forms for design purposes.

191. Parquet floors-Wood flooring, usually in the form of tiles, that is laid to creat a pattern.

192. Parquet Floors:Flooring made up of wood that is laid or inlaid to create patterns, most often geometric ones.

193. Particleboard:-A structural material often used for sub flooring. It is made from wood fragments that are mechanically pressed into a sheet and bonded with resin.

194. Patching Compound:
A fill used to smooth or even the sub floor before installing a vinyl floor.

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Quarry_tile | Quarry_Tile | Quarry_Tile | Quarter_Round |

222. Quarry tile:-Glazed or unglazed ceramic tile made of natural clay and shale using an extrusion process. Usually quarry tile is in natural terracotta.

223. Quarry Tile
Glazed or unglazed ceramic tile made using an extrusion process. An example is the terra-cotta squares used in the Southwest.

224. Quarry Tile:
Ceramic tile, like the terra-cotta style squares, that are made using an extrusion process.

225. Quarter Round
A small molding that has the profile of a quarter circle. Often used as a base shoe.

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Rag_rug | Rag_Rug | Rag_Rug | Random_sheared_carpet | Random_Sheared_Carpet | Remnant | Remnant | Remnant | Resilient_floor | Resistance_Range | Resistance_To_Ground | Resistance_To_Groundable_Point | Roller | Rtg | Rtt | Rubber_Flooring | Rubber_Flooring | Rubber_flooring | Rug | Rug |

226. Rag rug
A colorful rug which is woven from cotton scraps.

227. Rag Rug:
A colorful rug that is hand woven from cotton scraps.

228. Rag Rug
Definition:A sturdy, colorful rug handwoven from cotton scraps.

229. Random sheared carpet:
Created by lightly cutting high-low loop carpet so that only the higher loops are cut. Random shearing produces a chance cut and loop pattern.

230. Random Sheared Carpet
Definition:Created by lightly shearing either level loop or high-low loop carpet so that only the higher loops are cut. Sheared areas are less reflective than uncut loops, which appear brighter and lighter in color. Random shearing high-low loop carpet produces a cut and loop style texture.

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Sapwood | Satin | Saxony_carpet | Saxony_Carpet | Saxony_Carpet | Sculptured_Carpet | Sculptured_carpet | Sculptured_Carpet | Seam_Sealer | Shag_Carpet | Shag_Pile | Simulated_Appliance_Foot-Drag_Test | Sisal_Flooring | Sisal_Flooring | Sisal_flooring | Slate | Slate | Slate | Slip_Tongue | Softwood | Soil_Retardant | Soil_retardant | Solid_Vinyl_Flooring | Spacers | Square_Edge | Square_Nose | Stain_Resistant | Stain_Retardant | Standard_Instillation_System | Static_Control_Floor_Finish | Static_Control_Floor_Mat | Static_Control_Floor_Material | Static_Control_Flooring | Static_control_footwear_(shoes) | Static_Decay_Test | Static_Dissipative | Static_Dissipative_flooring | Static_Electricity | Static-Resistant_Resilient_Flooring | StaticSmart_FiberLink | Stretch | Stretch | Strip | Strip_Flooring | Strip_flooring | Strip_Flooring | Sub_Floor | Subfloor | Surface_Resistance | Surface_Resistivity |

246. Sapwood:-The lighter color wood near the outside of the tree.

247. Satin:A soft-sheen finish.

248. Saxony carpet:-Cut-pile carpet, similar to shag, but with individual tufts much more closely packed. Smoother finished saxonies are called "plushes."

249. Saxony Carpet:
Cut-pile carpet in a relatively dense construction, with well-defined individual tuft tips. Smoother finished saxonies are called "plushes."

250. Saxony Carpet:-A dense, cut-pile carpet with well-defined individual tuft tips. Called "plushes" when it has a smooth finish.

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Tackless_Installation | Tackless_Installation | Tackless_installation | Terrazzo | Terrazzo | Terrazzo | Threshold | T-Molding | T-Moulding | Tongue_and_Groove_(T and G) | Topical_Antistat | Total_Cost_of_Ownership | Triboelectric_Charging | Triboelectric_Series | Trim | Trowel | Tufted_Carpet | Tufted_Carpet |

296. Tackless Installation-Where carpet is laid over pad and stretched to fit over tack strips, which are specially made strips of wood with implanted tacks to hold the carpet snugly to the wall. Also called wall-to-wall installation.

297. Tackless Installation-The installation process where a carpet it stretched over a pad and tacked into strips of wood at the walls. Also called wall-to-wall installation.

298. Tackless installation
Wall-to-wall installation of carpet accomplished by stretching carpet to fit over tack embedded wood strips to hold the carpet to the wall.

299. Terrazzo:
A multicolored stone floor made of small pieces of stone embedded in cement. The floor is then polished to a high shine.

300. Terrazzo
A smooth multicolored floor made of marble or stone chips embedded in a cement binder, then highly polished. Traditionally terrazzo floors are poured and set on site, but manufactured terrazzo tiles are also available.

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Underlayment | Underlayment | Uniclic_Joint |

314. Underlayment-Foam or other material such as Cork (which is also used as a sound barrier) and laid over an existing floor or subfloor. Floating floor planks or tiles are installed on top of the underlayment material.

315. Underlayment-A layer placed on top of the sub floor to make the surface suitable for floor installation. Usually plywood, particleboard, or foam.

316. Uniclic Joint:The joint system patented by Unilin Decor of Belgium. A glueless tongue-and-groove design milled to tolerances of 1/1000" in which the lower lip exerts constant pressure at a 45-degree angle on the tongue, holding it in place by constant pretension.

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Vinyl_Composition_Tile | Vinyl_composition_tile | Vinyl_solid_flooring |

317. Vinyl Composition Tile
Definition:These floor tiles are made from vinyl resins and filler materials to create resilient flooring in assorted colors and patterns.

318. Vinyl composition tile:
Smooth surfaced plastic floor made from vinyl resins and filler materials to create resilient flooring in assorted colors and patterns.

319. Vinyl solid flooring:This smooth surfaced plastic floor is a mixture of vinyl resins, fillers, and stabilizers with one color added. Produced in either square tiles or sheet goods.

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Wall_Tile | Water_Absorption_Rating | Wear_Layer | Wear_Layer | Wear_Resistance | Wear_Resistance_Rating | Wilton_carpet | Wilton_Carpet | Wire_Brushing | Wood_Flooring | Wood_Flooring | Wood_flooring | Woven_Carpet | Woven_carpet |

320. Wall Tile-Ceramic tiles meant for indoor use. Not meant to withstand major impact or heat changes.

321. Water Absorption Rating:Ceramic tiles are classified by their water absorption rates. Non-vitreous tiles have greater than 7% absorption. Semi-vitreous tiles have between 3% and 7% absorption. Vitreous tiles have between 0.5% and 3% absorption. Impervious tiles have less than 0.5% absorption.

322. Wear Layer:-The finish layer of an engineered floating floor such as Hardwood, Cork or Linoleum, adhered to an HDF core. A wear layer may be natural or stained with a finish colour. The wear layer is usually coated by a top layer of urethane.

323. Wear Layer
Definition:The layer of flooring that covers a pattern effect.

324. Wear Resistance:The ability of the surface protection (such as aluminum oxide or urethane) that has been applied to either the decor layer or the wear layer, to withstand normal traffic.

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