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Armstrong Global Exotics - Exotic Hardwood Species

Armstrong Global Exotics offer unique species of hardwoods gathered from places all over the world. Depending upon where your hardwood comes from, the grain will reflect differently from the locale, as will the depth of the grain. Some Global Exotics species include African Mahogany, Cabreuva Natural, Amendoim Natural, Cumaru, Kempas, Lapacho and more.
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Our instructions cov

Our instructions cover these exact two scraneio’sAny floor installed with Elastilon needs to be:-1. Flat Floor must be even with a maximum tolerance between 1/8” over 6 ft or 3/16” in a 10 ft radius. (2mm per 2.5 meters)2. Clean and structurally sound Free of debris and any other loose material. Wood sub-floors must be stable and securely fastened to supporting joists. Be sure to nail or screw any areas that are loose or squeak. Sand, scrap, or grind any raised edges and level all low spots with the appropriate leveling compound (Concrete floors included) so that maximum tolerances are met.Wood that is not perfect It is also important to visually inspect each piece of wood flooring before being installed. As with any other type of installation method, Elastilon cannot compensate for flooring that is severely bowed, warped, cupped, milled incorrectly or damaged prior to an installation. However, most boards may be used if the defective section is cut and removed with the remainder of the board used as a start or end piece, used in a closet, in a low traffic area or used in a concealed portion of the room. Please note that the use of mechanical fastening systems such as straps should never be used to force boards together. Pressure from a rubber mallet and the use of blue painters tape to keep boards tight is permissible. During the racking ( building) of the floor on top of the Elastilon protective release strip, flooring that is not severely bowed can be installed as long as it can still be inserted into the T G of the boards surrounding it. This will pull the board straight and allow full contact on the Elastilon membrane. Be sure to place a small amount of carpenters glue on all four sides of the affected board for a concern free installation. by Joriel posted on Saturday, November 14, 2015

Unhappy Sorry to he

Unhappy Sorry to hear that the flooring is cpunipg, Anytime the edges of hardwood flooring cup there is or was a presence of excessive moisture within the environment. Did the installer let the flooring acclimate? What did they use for a moisture retarder underlayment paper? What is the home's Relative humidity. If the inspection was done weeks or months after noticing the problem, the RL or excessive moisture could have dissipated. You might want to run an air conditioner or dehumidifier for several weeks which may pull out the remaining excess moisture out of the wood and the flooring may return to normal. Cupping is not covered in manufacturers warranties. Normal moisture content in Hardwood flooring should be between 6-12 % which equals 40-55% Relative humidity, if the relative humidity level in the home rises for an extended period of time the flooring absorbs this moisture and the edges of the flooring cup upward. The same thing can happen in reverse: if the wood dries out too much it will leave gaps between the floor boards. by Keunho posted on Saturday, November 14, 2015

Elastilon has built

Elastilon has built its name and reputation with instnlliag solid hardwoods directly over concrete floors. There is no faster, easier and trouble free way to install a solid hardwood floor but there is more to Elastilon then just solids over concrete.Engineered wooden flooring is growing in leaps and bounds and Elastilon is perfect for instnlliag all engineered wood flooring be it a t&g system or a locking system. Remember, Elastilon is not only a installation membrane but it is a floating floor underlayment as well. It offers such benefits as: low odor and VOC free; softer to walk on; it is an excellent thermal break and it has high sound deadening capabilities; where it is in contact with the wood flooring it offers moisture resistance. (for added protection especially when there is a concern of moisture through the concrete we require the use of a vapor barrier below the Elastilon); and the list goes on!Be it solid or engineered there is no better way of instnlliag hardwood floors on concrete by Dennis posted on Saturday, November 14, 2015

Dear Betsy,Elastilon

Dear Betsy,Elastilon is a free floating iotlaslatinn membrane that requires an expansion gap around all walls and any solid obstacles. In a basement environment it is especially important to allow the floor to expand with the increased potential for changes in moisture levels. The recommended expansion gap is 5/8” but if this is not possible then additional expansion must be added to the opposite wall. Therefore if only bc” is left on the one wall, the expansion gap on the opposite wall must be 3/8” plus the original 5/8” for a total of 1”. To help accommodate the 1”, the drywall along this wall can be undercut to allow the flooring extra expansion space. This can add up to bd” additional expansion space.Depending on the environment, it might be necessary to use a humidifier or dehumidifier to control the moisture. It is also important to use a moisture barrier under the Elastilon in any below grade application. by Orlando posted on Saturday, November 14, 2015

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