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APC Cork Floors

APC Cork makes beautiful cork floors. I never imagined cork flooring could look so good until I stumbled upon their website. The floors they have showcased there are constructed of cork from cork oak trees. These trees grow only in the wilderness of Mediterranean forests. These trees are very strong and are also fire resistant. This is because these trees are sometimes 500 years old, and have evolved with time.

Note that the bark is only peeled off the cork trees once every ten years. The trees are not torn down; thus making APC Cork an environmentally friendly company. Hats off to them, their beautiful designs and their environmentally friendly business processes.

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APC Cork The Gems Pearl APC Cork The Gems Pearl APC Cork Flooring The Gems Collection 12" x 36" Pearl Plank APC,Cork,Product
APC Cork The Gems Rose Quartz APC Cork The Gems Rose Quartz APC Cork Flooring The Gems Collection 12" x 36" Rose Quartz Plank APC,Cork,Product
APC Cork Floor Tile Pyramid APC Cork Floor Tile Pyramid APC Cork Floor Tiles Pyramid 12" x 12" x 4.8mm APC,Cork,Product
APC Cork Apollo-Ebony APC Cork Apollo-Ebony APC Cork Apollo-Ebony 36in x 12in APC,Cork,Product
APC Cork The Gems Tiger's Eye APC Cork The Gems Tiger's Eye APC Cork Flooring The Gems Collection 12" x 36" Tiger's Eye Plank APC,Cork,Product
APC Cork The Olympians Eros APC Cork The Olympians Eros APC Cork Flooring The Olympians Collection 12" x 36" Eros Plank APC,Cork,Product
APC Cork Odysseus-Brown APC Cork Odysseus-Brown APC Cork, 36" x 12", Odysseus-Brown APC,Cork,Product
APC Cork Aphrodite-Natural APC Cork Aphrodite-Natural APC Cork, 36" x 12", Aphrodite-Natural APC,Cork,Product
APC Cork Odysseus-Rose APC Cork Odysseus-Rose APC Cork, 36" x 12", Odysseus-Rose APC,Cork,Product
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APC Cork  Reviews

Beware APC Cork

While I like my cork flooring, I have found the APC Cork company to be very uncoorperatve and unfriendly to deal with. If I call or have a question about floor care or anything else, for that matter, first it is like pulling teeth to get to talk to anyone besides the receptionist; then, they become very defensive and aggressive, in case they perceive you might have a complaint. . For a company that claims a 25-year guarantee on their floors, they are very unapproachable. If you want long-term relationship with your supplier, I definitely do not recommend APC cork..much better to go with Wicander, or some other cork supplier. by Greek Goddess posted on Sunday, May 16, 2010

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I’m absolutely blown away by these photos! This is so gorgeous and I’m completely jealous of the tram!!! I think you captured their day beialufulty- you’re making me want to visit Switzerland! x x by Keys posted on Saturday, January 21, 2017

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